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Mt Helm is a church on the move! As a historically black urban Baptist church in Downtown Jackson, we encourage people of every culture, color, class, and creed to visit us as we launch out into the deep. We invite you to join us in worship any and every Sunday. Below are a few FAQs about The Helm:

  • What time are your services?
    Beginning January 2011 our Sunday morning worship services will begin at 11 o’clock on first through fourth Sundays. Fifth Sunday worship is at 9:20 a.m. as to encourage our members to fellowship with other churches.
  • Do you have services for children and youth?
    We have Children’s Church and are looking toward including nursery services for families with young children. Your children are also welcome to worship with you during our service.
  • What’s the style of worship there?
    Mt Helm is a historic church with a rich hymn and anthem singing tradition. We also sing Gospel songs. As we go deeper, we’ll also welcome God’s presence in various ways, from Bach to shabach! You’re invited to worship God as the Spirit leads you.
  • Will I be welcomed if I don’t wear a suit (dress)?
    When you visit Mt Helm you’ll see folks wearing their Sunday’s best, and others dressed more casually. We don’t care what you wear, as long as it’s modest—whether three-piece or jeans; dress and church hat or blouse and khakis. ​
  • I’m not Baptist. Am I welcome at your church?
    As proud members of the National Baptist Convention, we welcome any Christian, regardless of their denomination. There’s only one Lord, and he’s greater than any denomination! We also encourage nonbelievers to join us in worship an y Sunday. ​
  • Mt Helm is an older congregation. Are young families welcome to join?
    Absolutely! We honor our elders and thank them for their faithfulness all these years. We also encourage young people to get on board this old ship of Zion. Here, you can share your gifts, get involved, and grow in God, no matter how old you are. zGod has so much more for us—and you, too—and he invites us all on fantastic voyage of faith. Will you launch out into the deep with us?
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