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As a flagship church, Mount Helm exists to demonstrate and provide transformative Christian leadership in our city, our state and our world through the power of the Spirit. 

But we’re not only called to lead; we’re also called to cultivate leaders. As Henrik Ibsen said, “A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” When life’s storms come, you need to be prepared to weather them—and to lead in them! Mt Helm is therefore committed to helping you navigate life and invites you on a fantastic voyage with God that will transform you and the world in which you live. 

So launch out into the deep with us. It’s time to go deeper…

Going deeper sounds good, but you may be asking how we’re going to get there. With the help of God, we’ll go deeper in every way imaginable through what our pastor has called:





Everything we have is a gift from God. We’ll use our time, talent, treasure, and truth in ways that glorify our Creator.



Jesus prayed that his disciples would be unified. We’ll strive for a beloved community, loving across any and all barriers that separate us from God and each other. 



We will be courageously Spirit-led, allowing God to produce through us the personal and social renewal we desperately need.

Life-Changing Worship

Only God can truly change us, and we’ll be transformed by the only One worthy of our worship.



Knowing that the Lord calls us to a Kingdom way of life, we’ll nurture spiritual maturity through biblical teaching and service.

With the Spirit blowing in our sails, we’ll navigate across life’s stormy waters to a deeper place in God to his glory. Mt. Helm is a member congregation of the National Baptist Convention (USA).

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